The Great Maratha

Shivaji Maharaj's authority over forts:

The fort of Torana is in Poona (Pune). Shivaji Maharaj sent a messenger to Sultan Adilshah and sent the news that if you want a fort, you will have to pay a good amount, along with the fort, their area will also be handed over to them. Shivaji Maharaj was so fast and clever that Adilshah's courtiers had already been bought.

When Adilshah got the idea of Shivaji's empire expansion policy, then he kept looking. He told Shahaji Raje to keep his son under control but Shivaji Maharaj took care of his father's territory in his hands and stopped paying rent, regardless of his father.

By 1647 AD, he had also become the owner of the land from Chakan to Nira. Now Shivaji Maharaj started moving from the hilly areas towards the plains. Shivaji Maharaj had captured his authority over Konkan and 9 other fortifications of Konkan. Shivaji Maharaj had to fight along with many native and many foreign kings and was successful.

The coronation of Shivaji Maharaj - Raigad 1774

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After the establishment of an independent Hindu nation in Western Maharashtra, Shivaji Maharaj wanted to crown his coronation, but the Brahmins strongly opposed him. Shivaji's personal master Balaji Awaji took this as a challenge and he sent three messengers to a Brahmin named Gagabhat in Kashi, but Gagabhat turned down the offer as Shivaji was not a Kshatriya. He said that bring proof of Kshatriyata only then he will be crowned. Balaji Awaji sent evidence of relationship of Shivaji to Sisodia dynasty of Mewar, which he was satisfied and came to Raigad. But after coming here, when he did a re-investigation, he found the evidence wrong and refused the coronation. Finally, he was forced to lure one lakh rupees, then he was crowned on 6 June 1674. Shivaji Maharaj had to establish the Ashtapradhan Mandal. Apart from the ambassadors, representatives of various states, foreign traders were also invited to this ceremony. Shivaji Maharaj assumed the title of Chhatrapati. Kashi's Pandit Visheshwar Ji Bhatt was specially invited to this. But 12 days after his coronation, his mother died. For this reason, he was crowned for the second time on 4 October 1674. The ceremony was held twice. The establishment of Hindu Swaraj was announced in this ceremony. It was the first Hindu kingdom in the south after the fall of Vijayanagar. Like an independent ruler, he introduced a coin named after him.

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