Shahaji Raje Bhosale

Shahaji Raje Bhosale

(March 16, 1599? - January 23, 1664). Father of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. A wealthy chief of Adilshahi.


Shahaji was born to Father Maloji and Mother Umabai of Bhosle family. Sharifji is Shahaji's younger brother. Maloji was killed in a battle at Indapur between 1610-11. Then the Nizamshahi gave Maloji's 'Mokasa' to his children. Maloji's brother Vithoji took care of the children.


Later, after Vithoji's death (1623), Shahaji himself took charge of Mokasa. Shahaji's first marriage was to Jijabai (1609), the daughter of Lakhuji Jadhav, a chief of the Nizamshahi dynasty and a descendant of Sindkhed. They had six children. Apart from Sambhaji and Shivaji, other children became short-lived.


Sambhaji Raje died in the battle of Kanakgiri in Karnataka (1654).  Shahaji's second marriage was to Tukabai of the Mohite family. His son Vyankoji Raje came to the throne of Thanjavur.


After the assassination of his father-in-law Lakhuji in the Nizamshahi, Shahaji Raje stayed in Chakan-Pune for a few days and then went to the Mughals. The Mughals appointed him five thousand Mansabdars; But as soon as the intention of Shah Jahan Badshah to overthrow the Nizamshahi was realized, Shahaji left the Mughals and installed a child of the Nizamshahi clan on the throne and established the independent rule of Nizamshahi in Pengiri (1632).


Shahaji Raje ruled over the region from Neera in the south to Chandwad hill in the north and from Ahmednagar in the east to North Konkan in the west.

Shah Jahan finally overthrew the Nizamshahi Khalsa (1636). After that Shahaji Raje took a job in Adilshahi (1636). Adilshah gave him the titles 'Saralashkar' and 'Maharaj'. Adilshah gave him Jahagir in Karnataka and sent him there (1637).


In Karnataka, Shahaji launched a campaign against the rulers of Penukonde, Basavapatnam, Hospet, Bidnur, Srirangapatna etc. and brought the region under Adilshahi rule (1637-48). For this achievement he was awarded the Jahagir of Bangalore. He moved to Bangalore with his second wife, Tukabai.


Shahaji Raje captured the villages of Nalengapattam, Patanovo, Thanjavur, Vellore, etc. and formed an independent state. In Karnataka, Kolar, Bangalore, Arcot, Balapur and Shire were given to him by Adilshah as Jahagir. He tried to unite all the Hindu leaders. 


He had superior skill, diplomacy, courage and bravery. He fell from a horse while hunting at Hodigere in Shimoga district and died. Vyankoji built Vrindavan in his memory at Hodigere. There is a symbolic Vrindavan in his memory at Shikhar Shinganapur. 




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