The title of the book is inspired by Apple founder, Steve Jobs speech given at Stanford University in 2005. In his speech, Jobs said, “You can't connect the dots by looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust in something...your gut, destiny, life, karma…”Connect the Dots tells us the story of people who trusted in themselves.

Connect the Dots” is a book written by Rashmi Bansal. She tells the stories of courage, determination and inspiration of 20 people from different backgrounds who chose to become entrepreneurs without going any Business School. Written in conversational form, the book is divided into three sections - Jugaad, Junoon and Zubaan.

Entrepreneurs who created business the Indian way, through Jugaad. Finding alternative ways for what industry has been doing. This section will tell you why not to give up. Most people start with a failure early in the venture but persistence does pay.

Entrepreneurs who were crazy about a particular idea, is Junoon. You need to find the right path and know how to take people together.

Entrepreneurs or creative people who just followed their dreams until they reached to a height where the whole world knows them. Such type of people are broadly categorized as the person who stiff to their decision and follow their dreams once they give a word whatever difficulties have been they faced but any how they achieve and success in their mission, is Zubaan.   

Few pages on what they did, how they did and the difficulties they faced finally ending up with a small advice given by each of the entrepreneurs.


My greatest leanings from the book are –
1. Academic qualifications shouldn’t decide a person’s future and career.
2. In any new project the first few years are really challenging and one should be ready for that.

3. You will learn to swim only when you jump into deep water and these stories will give you courage to do so.

4. As they are 20 more reasons for you to believe that you will ultimately get there.

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