Microsoft Windows is an user friendly operating system which was first introduced in the year 1985. It was a successor to the MS-DOS operating system. The Windows was created by Microsoft, which is owned by Bill Gates. Microsoft had been developing a program called ‘Interface Manager’ from 1981. It was announced in 1983 in the name of the Windows but the first version was released in 1985. Its latest version is Windows 10. In this Series, we’ll see the journey of Windows. So lets start with Windows 1.


The first Windows operating system had a 16 bit Graphical User Interface (GUI). It was the first operating system from Microsoft which used mouse and a keyboard for input. Before the mouse was a mainstream input device. It also included a game called Reversi. It was played with the mouse and keyboard controls were not allowed.


In 1987, Microsoft released its second operating system which replaced Windows 1. It had the ability to Maximize and Minimize different windows and in the control panel system settings and configuration options were given to the user collectively. Microsoft Word and Excel appeared for the first time in this operating system.


In 1990, Microsoft released the 3rd version of Windows. It gave a tough competition to the Macintosh of Apple. This version of windows required a Hard Drive to run properly. Windows 3 also included the game Solitaire. It allowed users to run the programs that were made for DOS. It also featured a full 256 color user interface.


Windows 3.1 was an update to Windows 3. It was released in the year 1992. It was notable because it introduced the TrueType font. This version also included Minesweeper. Windows 3.1 required a 1 Megabyte (MB) of RAM. Windows 3.1 was the first operating system from Microsoft to be distributed on a CD. When installed, it took only 10 to 15 MB of space while a CD can hold up-to 700 MB.

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