Dandapatta ..

This is one of the favorite weapon of the Marathas, its sharpness is fiercer than a sword, in through out India no one has as much control over this weapon as the Marathas, even the Mughal, Rajputs used to have this weapon, but the Marathas were more expert and skilled in it. The former Mawale also used a 16 cubit long dandpatta, it was wrapped around the waist like a belt, Syed Banda was cut by Jiva Mahal 16 cubits long Dandapatta. Basically people who are good at running the dandpatta are called Patait (skillful), the same word later became common in our dialect.

The length of a dandpatta is 5 feet, its leaves are 4 feet and its fist  is about 1 foot long. Its leaves are flexible, its skillful wind can tear a standing man, it can also cut his neck. The Mawala who use the belt erects a 10-foot steel fence around him. Which means that even though its blades are flexible, its ability to strike is greater than a sword. The main reason is that when you swing a sword, all the force is on your wrist. But in reality, when rotating the dandpatta, your whole hand is strong from all the limbs like your legs, shoulders and wings. Some experts Marathas were Jivaji Mahala, Baji Prabhu Deshpande.

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