The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the OLD, but on building the NEW.

                                                       - Socrates

This book is written by Dr. Spencer Johnson (1998). I must say this is not only a book but your personal counselor in every situation you are going through in your life whether personal or professional.

It is based on the figurative story where all the goals you want to achieve , relations which you want to succeed in and the changes coming along with which can be either predictable or surprising are compared with a “cheese”. 

"Cheese" here indicate job, money, fame, reputation, happiness, success, achievements, relation, or anything else.

 In this story there were four friends who have met to each others after so many years. One of the friend's among them started telling story who moved my cheese and it's somehow similar to the story of these four friend's. The four imaginary characters are depicted in the story sniff, scurry, Hem and Haw - which are intended to represent the simple and complex parts of ourselves. Sniff and scurry were sharp minded and Haw and Hem were complex minded. All of them explain different behaviours and perspectives towards life and what it serves us. The most important thing is adaptive nature towards the surprises it comes in way…..

 These characters have certain characteristics which can be commonly found in any society. And that’s the reason why this book has an indelible impact!  This book can help you at times when you have to make important decisions in your personal or professional life.

 Lessons from book

  • Change Happens  - Keep moving towards the goal.
  • Evaluate change - Get ready for changes in path of goal.
  • Keep eye on change  - Keep your goal updated.
  • Be flexible towards change - The quicker you let go, the sooner you can enjoy new.
  • Change - Move with time
  • Enjoy change - Taste the adventure and keep moving with goal.

 The story is perfectly written and takes up one hour of your life but may just give you a knowledge of a lifetime.  It shows an amazing way to deal with change in your work and in your life.

It teaches the lessons of adaptability, courage, constant improvement and awareness about one’s surrounding.

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